General Anxiety

Fear, anxiety, panic attacks and stress are common in our culture. The most frightening element of these emotions is the feeling of being out-of-control. This is particularly frustrating for intelligent people who experience periods of crippling fear.  Thoughts and talking are usually of little help when fear has taken hold.  Nonetheless, most people find themselves engaged in extensive efforts to try to trick or outsmart the reaction patterns.

These feelings originate within older structures of the brain. The processes of logic simply do not apply here.  The emotional/subconscious parts of the brain overrule logical processes.

Essentially, emotion is the language of the subconscious mind.   Our work specializes in reaching beyond talk and reason to help balance emotional reactions. Relaxation techniques, EFT, hypnosis and self-hypnosis are tools that deal directly with the emotions.  These techniques can dramatically reduce or eliminate many aspects of anxiety.

also of interest…  Anxiety is a process of the imagination.  A core goal in the work is to release the imagination to the creative and constructive purposes of the individual we are working with. This is usually dynamically helpful as it redirects focus from negative or crippling imaginings. The subconscious mind would much rather play than worry.

Most of the health work that we do begins with stress reduction. We have come to think that excess anxiety contributes to many of the physical conditions that we work with in our office.  Our bodies are not designed to deal with the levels of fear and stress we experience in modern life.

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